Our working model
represents the fruit of all
our hard work in the past


  1. Focus of the collaboration
  2. Diagnostics and Action Plan
  3. Execution
  4. Monitoring and Support

At DT we implement our own working model based on four phases in which the Interim Manager and the Partner Manager divide the work in the most efficient manner. Thus, the client benefits from a dual executive vision: that of the expert in the company’s industry and that of the expert in direct management.

We take responsibility for, and guarantee, the effectiveness of the project through two key positions:


  • Prepares the Diagnostics
  • Drafts the Action Plan
  • Joins the Executive team
  • Executes the Action Plan
  • Holds regular coordination and monitoring meetings
  • Transfers duties once the established objective is achieved
  • Prepares memorandum summarising the work


  • Defines needs
  • Gathers information
  • Prepares collaboration proposal and assigns the team
  • Participates in preparing the Diagnostics
  • Participates in the drafting of the Action Plan
  • Ensures alignment of targets with the client
  • Supports the Interim Manager in executing the Action Plan
  • Reports to the client, guarantees results are aligned with client’s expectations
  • Monitors results and provides necessary support
  • Can provide periodic structured support
  • Ensures continuity of the services