Over the next two years, DT, the leading interim management company in Spain, will chair TMG, the largest European interim management group, currently comprising companies from Switzerland, Austria, Dubai (UAE), Italy, France and Spain (Germany, the Netherlands and the UK are in the process of renewing their memberships). The Spanish company’s main objectives for the coming months are to strengthen business, increase geographical reach (countries) and coordinate the selection of new members.

The most immediate challenge faced by TMG is to find and select new companies to represent interim management in their respective countries and within the group’s core, as has occurred in France with the addition of Valtus, France’s premier interim management company.

DT will also continue to drive TMG’s activity, promoting its presence at forums and increase its role as a representative of interim management in Europe.

Interim Manager Profile

Interim managers are management experts who can assume different roles within a company. They can take on high-level management positions or provide support to the existing management team, resolving specific problems with clearly defined goals.

One of the biggest challenges TMG faces in the coming months is to conduct the first survey on the Interim Manager’s profile in Europe. The survey, which is being conducted in all member countries, has already been carried out in France, Italy and Germany and DT is in charge of rolling it out in Spain. This report will be published before the end of the year and will lay the groundwork for understanding what an Interim Manager (or an executive or change manager) actually does, both on a European and member country level.

About TMG

TMG Transition Management Group is an association based in Zurich (Switzerland) which was founded in 1994 (DT is a founding partner). With offices in Austria, France, Italy, the Middle East, Spain and Switzerland, its members include the leading Interim & Transition Management companies in Europe and it is currently adding Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, the US and Sweden due to changes in member associates. One of TMG’s primary objectives is to provide services to companies active in international markets who require extensive, proven experience in the Interim Management.

About DT

Created in1991 by Rafael Alvarez-Novoa Romero and Ignacio Gaspar Pardo de Andrade, DT Directores de Transición is the leading Spanish interim management company. Its mission is to help companies improve during times of change, growth or transformation.

Its professionals bring their years of experience in key positions to business projects for the time necessary to achieve the objectives sought and agreed with the client. Since 1994 DT has been a founding partner of TMG.