Company Background

The company provides comprehensive logistics services and has experienced significant growth in recent years through various acquisitions. Its majority shareholder was a private equity fund and the business faced organisational problems and short-term cashflow difficulties.

The Board of Directors engaged DT to provide a team comprised of two Interim Managers (one with a Managing Director profile and the other with a CFO profile) to join the company and work with the management team to study the situation at hand, analyse the short and medium-term cash situation and suggest solutions for the most urgent problems.


Create an organisational chart clearly defining the responsibilities in the different regional management teams. Improve efficiency, reduce costs and standardise the various labour agreements inherited from the absorbed companies. Prepare a Business Plan outlining the recommended changes.

Our Mission

In the first month and a half, a Situation and Management Diagnostics Report was drawn up which was then analysed exhaustively with the Board Members, together with a detailed action plan to correct the main weaknesses detected.

In order to provide support for this plan, an agreement was reached with the owners and the company’s management team regarding a business plan model that served as the starting point to create the budget for the following year and future projections which, in turn, were used in negotiations with the bank.

The company received a cash injection through a contribution from the majority shareholder and the main creditor bank, thereby providing continuity for the business.


The income statement substantially improved, enabling the company to meet its cashflow requirements.